A First blog of First's!

We have a blog!

Hi, I'm Kimberley and here we hope to share a little insight into the goings on of WMOS and it seems appropriate to celebrate our first ever blog by catching you up on what we have been up to.

We have started rehearsals for Pirates of Penzance, our first show out of lockdown and incidentally our first show ever! All the way back in 1913 Winchester Amateur Opera Society performed the Gilbert & Sullivan's classic Pirates of Penzance at the Guildhall and we are delighted to be performing it again at Wolvesey Palace Garden between the 20th-24th July 2021. (More on the 1913 production later!)

This 21st century productions has given us a series of firsts. This is the first show we have ever auditioned online, with the prospective cast performing to the panel via zoom.

We also spent March, April and May learning the music online, navigating the perils of a full chorus singing on mute! So, you can imagine what a relief it was when finally, we were allowed to meet and discover that actually we don’t sound half bad together!

This is the first time we have rehearsed solely outdoors depending on the hospitality of kindly cast members with big back gardens and open spaces. We have had rehearsals in all weathers! We also have had to rehearse in bubbles, It was pretty exciting (for me at least) when finally the soprano daughters were reunited with the alto daughters! (Suddenly it all started to make sense.) Not to mention when we finally got to rehearse with the pirate group, and we’ve still yet to spend much time with the police group, so I am very much looking forward to that (Tanrantara!)

Despite all these difficulties and firsts, the show has already proved to be a lot of fun! Not only has it been so great to flex our theatrical muscles again, but it has been wonderful to have something to look forward to every Monday and Wednesday, whether it be a online or in person rehearsal it has been wonderful to see our friends again whilst doing what we all love.

The production itself is going to be a lot of fun, set in the glorious fifties the show will have a feel good ‘summer holiday’ vibe, with a wonderful mix of the classic Gilbert & Sullivan and some fifties favourites.

We cannot wait to share the Pirates of Penzance with you in July and we hope (if you have not been already) that Pirates of Penzance will be your first post-lockdown live theatre experience! To book your tickets click here!


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