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Winchester Amateur Operatic Society - WAOS - Faust - April 1988 - Theatre Royal Winchester


Programme cover for Faust - April 1988
Click on cover to view full show programme

Producer - Peter Foster

Musical Director - Alice Reed

By Charles Gounod



Faust - Tony Reid

Mephistopheles - Tag Caisley

Marguerita - Barbara Witcher

Siebel - Margaret Jowitt

Valentine - Clive Hilton

Martha - Kathleen Frogley

Wagner - David Cobbold

Barmaids and Bourgeoisie:

Stephanie Campion, Valerie Cork, Christine Dobson, Phyllis Hamblin, Stella Holt, Mary Jackson, Gloria Kuznicki, Virginia Nasmyth, Liz Petley-Jones, Kate Schick, Penny Terrell, Sandra Wright.

Students and Soldiers:

Clive Beresford-Morgan, Roger Bevan, MarkBlaikie, David Cobbold, Robin Cork, Stephen Hodges, Brian Hurst, Bob Jones, Jock Killick, Phil Remington, Peter Stanbrook, Ron Stainer, Dick Trower, Ben Wright.

Gypsies, dancers, monks et al:

Audrey Choules, Sheila Stiling, Fred Corton, Andrew Keene, Ray Metters, Alexis Reed, Edward Vokes, Mike Vokes. 

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