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We are always on the lookout for new acting members!  We accept new members at the audition stage of each show, as they come around every six months.  We publish the dates of our upcoming productions on Facebook, Twitter and in the local press, as well as on our website - please click here to see the Future Productions page.  The first date listed each time is for our Information Evening, which is hosted by the Executive committee.  This gives the Director of the show an opportunity to explain their vision for the production, we see the set design and hear some of the music and start rehearsals of the audition pieces required.  Movement tuition is also given at this point, particularly if there is a movement/dancing element to the audition procedure.  Auditions normally happen about a week or ten days later, often following another chance for us all to rehearse, and the cast list is usually published on this website the day after the auditions have been held.  Please click here to see the cast list and further details about our next production.


The Membership Fee covers a 12 month period and is payable annually in either January or July.  There is also a Production Fee for those who wish to be acting in each show as they come round.  Both of these fees are reduced by 50% for NUS or JSA concessions.

If you would like to contact our Membership Secretary, please click here.  

Rehearsals normally happen at The United Church, Jewry Street, Winchester at 7.30pm on Mondays and Wednesday.  To start off the rehearsal run, principals are generally called on Mondays and all the cast called on Wednesdays.  Then as the show get closer, all members of the cast are called both Mondays and Wednesdays.  Sometimes our rehearsal schedule includes one or two Sundays as the show week draws nearer.


Members of WMOS have voting rights at the Annual General Meetings, (which are normally held each November), in order to have a say in how the society is run, we receive a monthly Newsletter, invitations to various Social Events as well as Priority Booking Rights with Discounted Ticket Prices for each upcoming show.


People who like to be involved in putting on productions but not acting on the stage, do not need to be members - but nevertheless a lot of the backstage and production crew are, as they like to feel part of the society!  Please see below the range of different areas that you could become involved with, in order to help put on one of our upcoming shows.

Are you handy with a hammer?  Join our enthusiastic team for weekly making sessions at our set construction workshop.

Are you nifty with a needle?  Get creative with our resourceful  costume team and join in all the fun with a tape measure!

Could you light up my life?

Find out about joining our backstage & technical crew and help our productions run really smoothly.

Do you love helping people?  If you have a friendly welcoming personality, you would be perfect to join our FOH team.





Keep me Informed!
We have a free mailing list that we send out with general information about our upcoming productions, audition details and when/where to buy tickets etc.  We'll write to you about six times a year.  Please click here to join the list!
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