We owe a great big thank you to the people listed below, for all their wonderful photographs that have featured so strongly throughout this website:

Joe Low Photograph

Peter Sillick Photography

Thank you so much!

We also owe a huge debt of gratitude to those photographers of our earlier shows, whose names unfortunately have been lost in the mists of time.  We have a magnificent archive of photographs, programmes and committee meeting notes, dating right back to our first meeting on 22nd November 1912. Our thanks also go to our archivist for maintaining and arranging access to these records.  This has been in association with The Hampshire Records Office in Winchester, who have kept these records safe for us, carefully cataloguing and caring from them, preserving our history from our earliest production right up until the present day.

Special mentions also go to Gill Russell and Liz Petley Jones for their additional help rummaging out some early publicity photographs.

This website has been created by Simon Meanwell-Ralph.  He is a self-employed millinery designer, handmaking bespoke hats and accessories.  His speciality is creating unique designs for Mothers of the Bride or Groom.  His own website is www.marvellousmillinery.co.uk  

Our thanks also go to


Lucy McLoughlin

Live Event Artist

Lucy is a live event artist, and she has generously painted us during some of our dress rehearsals, not only in order for us to have fantastic keepsakes of our individual performances, but her unique service has also enabled us to use her images immediately to publicise our production during our show week whilst at The Theatre Royal.


07815 746505



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NODA - National Operatic and Dramatic Association -  www.noda.org.uk

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