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Costume Hire

We are lucky enough to have our own extensive collection of vintage, historical and theatrical clothing, which is available for both theatrical and private hire.

Our collection is an eclectic one, ranging from one-off dress items such as evening gowns and military uniforms, to full chorus sets of skirts, dresses and maids’ outfits. We can cater for most historical periods (see the Thirties range for Me and My Girl; our Victorian outfits for Jekyll & Hyde and Sweeney Todd; and our Sixties everyday glamour for Made in Dagenham) and styles (Steampunk for Carmen, Fanciful for Utopia, Ltd. and Wild West for Calamity Jane), and we have hats, gloves and accessories galore to complete every outfit!

Theatre companies and amateur groups

We can work from your measurements and character descriptions to help costume your show.

Private hire

Looking for something a little different for a fancy dress party or themed event? We can help you put together a one-of-a-kind look.


We’re a charitable organisation, so we don’t charge commercial costume hire rates – our collection is maintained by volunteers, and our prices reflect the community nature and shared ethos of amateur dramatics.

Each hire will be priced differently depending on numbers required, alterations, accessories etc, but as a guide a simple costume might start from £15.

A deposit may be required for larger orders or for items of value.

For more information please email our Wardrobe Manager.

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