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Are you a DIY enthusiast with time to spare?  Our wonderful set builders are on the lookout for new recruits!


We have a really enthusiastic team of very talented people who regularly meet on Monday mornings in our dedicated set-building workshop.  They support and work closely with our Directors to turn their set designs into reality, contributing improvements and solving problems along the way.


It is a very rewarding hobby in its own right, interwoven with the cast rehearsing and performing the upcoming show.  It is a great way to make new friends of like-minded people who have a lot of fun and satisfaction in creating award winning sets and exploiting all the staging opportunities that the Theatre Royal offers us.  The challenges are always varied and it is a wonderful experience seeing something you helped to create come to life on stage!


Please contact us for further information about joining our very creative set team - DIY skills are an advantage but not essential, as skills can be taught 'on the job'.

After each show, we give other groups the opportunity of buying elements of the set and props we've made in our workshop and have just performed with.

Click the link to see the current and future list of items for sale.

Keep me Informed!
We have a free mailing list that we send out with general information about our upcoming productions, audition details and when/where to buy tickets etc.  We'll write to you about six times a year.  Please click here to join the list!
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