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Winchester Amateur Operatic Society - WAOS - Merrie England - May 1929 - Guildhall Winchester


Programme cover for Merrie England 1929
Click on cover to view full show programme

Producer and Stage Manager - Noel Hanbury

Musical Director - Malcolm Sargent

ChoreographyMrs Le Brecht

Composed by Sir Edward German

Written by Basil Hood


The Earl of Essex - Frederick Effeney

Sir Walter Raleigh - Richard Latter

Walter Wilkins - Archie Clements

Silas Simkins - Alfred Slater

Long Tom - Ronald Olds

Big Ben - George Trott

The Queen's Fool - Raymond Mathews

A Butcher - Jack Riddington

A Baker - Benjamin Hillier

A Tinker - Sidney Johnston

A Tailor - Leslie Rush

First Lord - Charles South

First Soldier - Edgar Solomon

First Royal Page - Audrey Gard

Second Royal Page - Elsie Bennett

Queen Elizabeth - Verena Carse

Miss Bessie Throckmorton - Phyllis Spire

Jill-All-Aloone - Betty Dowling

The May Queen - Marjorie King

Marjorie - Mary Mathews

Kate - Gertrude Hearsey

Lady in Waiting - Gwendolen Du Boylay

Court Ladies

D Le Brecht, V Russell, E Russell


L R Gard, R H Garrett, C H Dillon-Trenchard


F Hodder, P Moreton


E A Turnbull, J Moreton, D W Maddock


K Watts, A H Curry


Q Bird, N I Childs, E M Chisnell, P Clark, G Coates, E M Crocker, D A Gardener, D Harrod, G Herring, M A Lansley, N laverty, M Loke, G Major, C Portsmouth, W Smith, B Watkins, I Watts, J Whitwam

L M Balding, F Chisnell, A Cleverley, V W field, N S Goulding, A A Hasted, J T M Hearsley, W Kidd, D G Laverty, F Major, A H Marshment, G H Mills, S F Rogers, W Wetton

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