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Winchester Amateur Operatic Society - WAOS - Utopia Limited - May 1931 - Guildhall Winchester


Programme cover for Utopia Limited 1933
Click on cover to view full show programme

Producer and Stage Manager - Noel Hanbury

Musical Director - Malcolm Sargent

By Gilbert and Sullivan


King Paramount the First - Eric Sanders

Scaphio - Alfred Slater

Phantis - Sydney Johnston

Tarara - Archie Clements

Calynx - James Harding

Lord Dramaleigh - Frank Major

Captain Fitzbattleaxe - Richard Latter

Captain Sir Edward Corcoran - Frederic Crocker

Mr Goldbury - Benjamin Hillier

Sir Bailey Bare - Stanley Wheatley

Mr Blushington - Robin Moberly

The Princess Zara - Phyllis Spire

The Princess Nekaya - Joan Whitwam

The Princess Kalyba - Muriel Loke

The Lady Sophy - Verena Carse

Salata - Nina Laverty

Melene - Audrey Gard

Phylla - Beryl Watkins

Utopian Ladies, Ladies in Waiting, Debutantes and Pages

E J Bennett, Q Bird, J Bonham, H A Bramble, N Childs, E M Chisnell, P Clark, E M Crocker, D H East, D Foote, D Gardiner, V Johnston, N Langford, B Lloyd, A Major, I P Meredith, R Owton, M Padfield, C Portsmouth, V Russell, I Watts

Fist Life Guards, Utopian Guards, Nobles and Fan Bearers

L W Bunce, F chisnell, F W Y Crocker, F Effeney, N S Goulding, J W Grimmett, A Hasted, R C Hawkins, L W Jarvis, D G Laverty, J T Laverty, D W Maddock, R Mathews, A FMedley, F Ormond, C R L Portsmouth, E E Solomon, F J Spicer, K N Thwaite, W Wetton

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