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Winchester Amateur Operatic Society - WAOS - Monsieur Beaucaire - May 1939 - Guildhall Winchester


Programme cover for Monsieur Beaucaire 1939
Click on cover to view full show programme

Producer and Stage Manager - Lawson Mackay

Musical Director - Robert Irving


Founded on Booth Tarkington’s Story

Music by Andre Messager

Book by Frederick Lonsdale

Lyrics by Adrian Ross



Monsieur Beaucaire - Ronald Smart

Philip Molyneux - Hilary Ewart

Frederick Bantison - Stanley Williams

Rakell - Archie Clements

Townbrake - Edward Taylor

Duke of Winterset - Horace Taylor

Beau Nash - Frederick Chisnell

Captain Badger - John Smith

Bicksitt - Sydney Johnston

Francois - Arnold Medley

Joliffe - Denis Baxter

Marquis de Mirepoix - Frederick Effeney

Lady Mary Carlisle - Mary Turner

Lucy - Muriel Wilson

Countess of Greenbuy - Dorothy Gardener

Girls - Barbara Whitwam and Margaret Elton

Ladies of the Chorus

J M Alcock, Q F Bird, I M Biles, M L Baxter, D K Bassett, D M Crosby, C Chown, N L Carker, G E Constant, S Doswell, D East, W M Edwards, V A Gard, E A George, S Haysom, V Hansford, G John, A Major, D M Mansfield, J M Pearson, J Phillips, C Portsmouth, V Russell, P M Richardson, D M Ridout


Gentlemen of the Chorus

A J Anderson, J Andrews, W A Cleeve, J S Douglas, R V East, M Hayne, J Heal, A V Heal, P O King, C R L Portsmouth, S A Richardson, A Slater, M N Sharland, B Taylor, H L Tyne

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