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Winchester Amateur Operatic Society - WAOS - Princess Ida - May 1926 - Guildhall Winchester


Programme cover for Princess Ida 1926
Click on cover to view full show programme

Producer and Stage Manager - Noel Hanbury

Musical Director - Malcolm Sargent

By Gilbert and Sullivan


King Hildebrand - J T M Hearsley

Hilarion - Frank Major

Cyril - Noel Hanbury

Florian - L Montague

King Gama - Arch. Clements

Arac - W Kidd

Guron - Geo. Whitehead

Scynthius - James T Laverty

Princess Ida - Emmie Lock

Lady Blanche - Verena Carse

Lady Psyche - Phyllis Spire

Melissa - Grace Beavis

Sacharissa - Dora Clanchy

Chloe - Marjorie King

Ada - Gladys Coates

Courtiers and Girl Graduates

A M C Baldwin, E H Brown, N Colerick, E M Chisnell, A Faithfull, N Fifield, A Gard, G Gardner, D Harrod, G Herring, G Hibberd, H labdon, M A Lansley, M Loke, G Major, M R Mathews, N R Picken, E L Pinnick, C Portsmouth, W Smith, I Watts, N Webb

Courtiers and Soldiers

G W Adams, W C Alexander, F A Bascomb, W M Cocks, F Chisnell, C S Cole, G E Dyer, R Elkins, J Fennell, J W Grimmett, G S Johnstone, D G Laverty, R R Lloyd, G H Mills, W Savage, E E Solomon, L E Salter, W Wetton

Daughters of the Plough

M Leigh Spencer, G Du Boulay, N Seymour, J Stevenson

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