Winchester Amateur Operatic Society - WAOS - Trial by Jury/HMS Pinafore - May 1925 - Guildhall Winchester


Programme cover for Trial by Jury/HMS Pinfore1925
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Producer and Stage Manager - Noel Hanbury

Musical Director - Malcolm Sargent

By Gilbert and Sullivan

Trial by Jury


The Learned Judge - Noel Hanbury

The Plaintiff - Gladys Coates

The Defendant - Frank Major

Counsel for the Plaintiff - S W Egerton

Usher - A Clements

Foreman of the Jury - J T M Hearsey

Associate - L Montague

First Bridesmaid - Amy Savage

Associate's Clerk - S Johnston


Mrs F Major, Mrs H F Stackard, Miss Baldwin, Miss Beavis, Miss Clanchy, Miss Dicks, Miss Harrod, Miss Pinnick, Miss Privett


E Chisnell, A Cleverley, W M Cocks, C S Cole, R Elkins, J L Evans, E Fennell, J T Laverty, D Laverty, R R Lloyd, W Wetton

Ladies in Court

Mrs H Croft, Mrs Faithfull, Mrs Gordon, Miss Chisnell, Miss Colerick, Miss Fielder, Miss Hollett, Miss Loke, Miss Picken, Miss Portsmouth, Miss D Spire, Miss P Spire

HMS Pinafore


The Right Hon Sir Joseph Porter - W E Vacher

Capt Corcoran - Geo. Sheepwash

Ralph Rickstraw - Frank Major

Dick Deadeye - A Clements

Bill Bobstay - J T M Hearsey

Bob Beckett - S Johnston

Tom Tucker - G Clarke

Sergeant of Marines - F C Nash

Josephine - Emmie Lock

Hebe - Grace Beavis

Llittle Buttercup - Verena Carse

The First Lord's sisters, his Cousins and his Aunts

Mrs Faithfull, Mrs F Major, Mrs H F Stackard, Miss Brown, Miss Clanchy, Miss Dicks, Miss Fifield, Miss Gard, Miss Gardiner, Miss Harrod, Miss Hibberd, Miss Labdon, Miss Lloyd, Miss Moody, Miss Portsmouth, Miss Pinnick, Miss Privett, Miss Salmon, Miss A Savage, Miss H Savage, Miss Smith

Sailors and Marines

F A Bascomb, E Chisnell, W M Cocks, A Cleverley, C S Cole, S W Egerton, R Elkins, A Ellis, J L Evans, E Fennell, R Gard, J W Grimmett, W Kidd, J T Laverty, D Laverty, R R Lloyd, L Montague, G H Mills, G Rolfe, Harold Savage, E E Solomon, L Tanner, W Wetton, G Whitehead

These images have been lifted from the programme of this production, as the originals are not currently in the official archive.

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