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Winchester Amateur Operatic Society - WAOS - The Mikado - May 1914 - Guildhall Winchester


Programme cover for The Mikado 1914

This is our famous fan-shaped souvenir programme, printed for our production of The Mikado in May 1914 - which was the society's second foray onto the stage.  The original artwork designed by A. Clements spells out various pieces of relevant information such as the name of the society, the dates of the performances as well as the venue.  This is a photograph of the cover rotated at 45 degrees, but the original was cut with a curve in the style of an open fan, with a folded spine running along the lefthand side so that it could be opened as a booklet.


If it was a warm evening during the performances, this shape must have been very useful to keep the audiences cool, as they could have used it to fan themselves during the show!


Please click on the cover to view the full programme. 

Musical Director and Producer - Mr George Sands


By Gilbert and Sullivan



The Mikado of Japan - Mr George Stanley

Nanki-Poo - Mr Frank Major

Ko-Ko - Mr S H Seeviour

Pooh-Bah - Mr J E Whitwam

Pish-Tush - Mr H Elsmore

Go-To - Mr Edgar Fielder

Yum-Yum - Miss W Fairweather

Pitti-Sing - Miss D Elkins

Peep-Bo - Miss Ruth Savage

Katisha - Miss Constance Williams


Chorus of School Girls, Nobles, Guards and Coolies

Mrs Butcher, Mrs Fry, Mrs Hunter, Mrs Murray, Miss Chandler, Miss Davis, Miss Ethel Gandy, Miss Goodhall, Miss Grace, Miss Fielder, Miss G Fielder, Miss D Harrod, Miss Heather, Miss Ida Jerram, Miss L Lake, Miss Lamb, Miss Moody, Miss Nash, Miss Newham, Miss Page, Miss Pinnick, Miss L Richards, Miss Snook, Miss Walker, Miss Winter, Mr D Alexander, Mr H Broomfield, Mr J D Boorman, Mr M Carter, Mr A J Crosby, Mr R Elkins, Mr C S King, Mr W J Lansdell, Mr E Lansdell, Mr W F Leach, Mr J T Laverty, Mr C Y Pinnick, Mr Robson, Mr W Revnish, Mr Harold Savage



Mr W T Banner, Mr F Holyoak



Mr S Alexander, Mr G Lawrence


Koko’s Attendant

Master H Murray


Call Boy

Mr A Clements

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