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Winchester Amateur Operatic Society - WAOS - Iolanthe - May 1920 - Guildhall Winchester


Programme cover for Iolanthe 1920
Click on cover to view full show programme

Musical Director and Producer - Mr Walter Hann


By Gilbert and Sullivan



Lord Chancellor - Mr A Clements

Earl of Mountararat - Mr L Montague

Earl of Tolloller - Mr Frank Major

Private Willis - Mr J E Whitwam

Strephon - Mr J D Boorman

Queen of the Fairies - Miss Lucie Richards

Iolanthe - Mrs H W Turner

Celia - Mrs G Beavis

Leila - Mrs D Elkins

Fleta - Mrs A Clements

Phyllis - Mrs Alder Lock



Miss Marjorie Adams, Miss, Daisy Alexander, Miss Nora Bunker, Miss M Coats, Miss Doris Carter, Miss E Davidge, Miss J Dicks, Miss Ethel Gandy, Miss D Harrod, Miss Ada Jerram, Miss D Laverty, Miss A Moody, Miss Olive Newham, Mrs D Price, Miss E Page, Miss E J Roberts, Miss W M A Smith, Miss Amy Savage, Miss Marjorie Smith, Miss patricia Swan, Miss D Spire, Miss L G White, Mr Broomfield, Mr Cole, Mr E Dyer, Mr R Elkins, Mr C Elkins, Mr P Elderfield, Mr W D Glass, Mr J Laverty, Mr E Larkman, Mr L W Mathews, Mr F C Nash, Mr C R Noyce, Mr C Roberts, Mr H Savage, Mr W Savage, Mr H Simons, Mr W Wetten


Trainee Bearer

Mr S Bartrop

These images have been lifted from the programme of this production, as the originals are not currently in the official archive.

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