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Winchester Amateur Operatic Society - WAOS - The Yeomen of the Guard - May 1921 - Guildhall Winchester


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Musical Director and Producer - Walter Hann


By Gilbert and Sullivan



Sir Richard Cholmondeley - L Montague

Colonel Fairfax - Frank Major

Sergeant Meryll - G Sheepwash

Leonard Meryll - J W Grimmett

Jack Point - W E Vacher

Wilfred Shadbolt - J E Whitwam

The Headsman - J T Laverty

First Yeoman - F C Chisnell

Second Yeoman - A J Crosby

First Citizen - A Clements

Second Citizen - S Johnstone

Elsie Maynard - Emmie Lock

Phoebe Meryll - Grace Beavis

Dame Carruters - Margaret Vacher

Kate - Clarice Portsmouth


Chorus of Yeomen of the Guard, Gentlemen, Citizens, etc

H Benson, A Clements, A Cockman, C S Cole, P Elderfield, S Johnstone, D Laverty, J Laverty, C Roberts, H Simons, W Wetten, Mrs A Clements, Mrs A Faithfull, Mrs G Sheepwash, The Misses - , D Alexancer, W E Bishop, E Bunker, E Chisnell, D Elkins, N Fifield, E Fielder, D Harrod, O Newham, D Laverty, E Privett, E Pinnick, D Plater, J Roberts, A Savage, P Shillito, W Smith

These images have been lifted from the programme of this production, as the originals are not currently in the official archive.

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