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Winchester Amateur Operatic Society - WAOS - The Pirates of Penzance - May 1933 - Guildhall Winchester


Programme cover for Pirates o  Penzance 1933
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Producer and Stage Manager - Noel Hanbury

Musical Director - Muir Mathieson

By Gilbert and Sullivan

The Pirates of Penzance


Major General Stanley - Herbert Hindell

The Pirate King - Frederic Crocker

Samuel - Frederick Chisnell

Frederic - Frank Major

Sergeant of Police - Horace Taylor

Mabel - Phyllis Spire

Edith - Barbara Whitwam

Kate - Dorothy Gardener

Isabel - Audrey Gard

Ruth - Verena Carse

Pirates and Police

A J Anderson, W Beckingham, A Clements, J W Cave, M P Clarke, R East, F Effeney, A Finch, J W Grimmett, N S Goulding, N Haken, R C Hawkins, S Johnston, J T Laverty, A F Medley, D W Maddock, W A Nicholls, C R L Portsmouth, E Parish, E E Solomon, A Slater, J Smart, A E Wade, E Whitworth, C Yates

General Stanley's Daughters

J Alcock, A Bird, J Bonham, M Binstead, J Barnes, E M Crocker, D H East, W Edwards, I Hennesy, E Hale, L Hill, V Johnston, N Laverty, A Major, A M Moon, R Owton, C Portsmouth, P Eric-Parish, N Perkins, D L Thorne, I Watts, B Watkins, M Wetton, J Whitwam

Cox and Box

Cox - Herbert Hindell

Box - Frank Major

Bouncer - Horace Taylor


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