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Winchester Amateur Operatic Society - WAOS - TEMPLATE - MONTH YEAR - Guildhall Winchester


Programme cover for Trial by Jury and The Pirates of Penzance 1951
Click on cover to view full show programme

Producer and Stage Director: Lawson Mackay

Musical Director: John Sealey

by Gilbert and Sullivan

Trial by Jury


The Learned Judge - Bertram Dobson

The Plaintiff - Shirley Wride

The Defendant - Victor Woollard

Counsel for the Plaintiff - Mervyn Hayne

Usher - Horace Taylor

Foreman of the Jury - William Jones

Associate - Norman Pearson

First Bridesmaid - Marion Watts


Q F Bird, M E Fisher, M Owton, S K Roberts, B J Sacree, C Smithers, J Stone

Gentlemen of the Jury

A Anderson, R A Baverstock, J Dougland, G V Harding, A M Hooker, R C Hutchins, A W Lambert, J Miller, R E Moberly, A C Sacree, G G Smith


R E Belcher, J O'Grady, F L Ward

Members of the Public

M A Binstead, B Blake, S M Cooke, D Crosby, M Elton, D Gray, J I Harris, I M Hayne, E H McDonald, R Owton, J Pearson, H Ponsford, C L Portsmouth, V Portsmouth, M C Williams

Pirates of Penzance


Major-General Stanley - Stanley Richardson

The Pirate King - John Miller

Samuel - Mervyn Hayne

Frederic - Bertram Dobson

Sergeant of Police - Horace Taylor

Mabel - Dorothy Gray

Edith - Joan Pearson

Kate - Hazel Ponsford

isabel - Barbara Blake

Ruth - Rita Owton

Chorus of General Stanley's Daughters

Q F Bird, M A Binstead, S M Cooke, M Elton, M E Fisher, I M Hayne, E H McDonald, I O'Grady, M Owton, C L V Portsmouth, V Portsmouth, S K Roberts, B J Sacree, C Smithers, J Stone, M Watts, M C Williams, S Wride

Chorus of Pirates

R A Baverstock, R E Belcher, J Douglas, G V Harding, A V Heal, R C Hutchins, A W Lambert, B L Sloggett, V Woollard

Chorus of Policemen

A Anderson, D B F Billimore, L Chew, A M Hooker, W Jones, R E Moberly, J O'Grady, A C Sacree, G G Smith, F L Ward

Winchester Operatic Society float

Winchester Operatic Society Carnival Float celebrating the Festival of Britain 1951

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