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Winchester Amateur Operatic Society - WAOS - Princess Ida - May 1935 - Guildhall Winchester


Programme cover for Princess Ida 1935
Click on cover to view full show programme

Producer and Stage Manager - Percy Rendell

Musical Director - Sir Dan Godfrey

By Gilbert and Sullivan


King Hildebrand - John Clear

Hilarion - Richard Latter

Cyril - Frank Major

Florian - Frederic Crocker

King Gama - Sydney Johnston

Arac - Horace Taylor

Guron - Mervyn Hayne

Scynthius - Arthur Finch

Princess Ida - Emmie Lock

Lady Blanche - Verena Carse

Lady Psyche - Phyllis Spire

Melissa - Cecilia Portal

Sacharissa - Helen Crocker

Chloe - Joan Whitwam

Ada - Barbara Whitwam

Courtiers and Soldiers

A J Anderson, W H Axe, L W Bunce, J W Cave, F Chisnell, J Douglas, R East, J Hearlsey, E Parish, E A Parsons, H W Poole, C R L Portsmouth, S A Richardson, F G Rolfe, E Simmons, A Slater, K A N Thwaite

Courtiers and Girl Graduates

J Alcock, Q F Bird, M Binstead, I Biles, M Cross, D East, W Edwards, M Elton, A Gard, D M Gardener, K Haigh, J Haigh, G Hearsley, J Hennesey, V Johnston, A Major, R Owton, P Parish, C Portsmouth

Daughters of the Plough

J Barnes, D Crosby, J Ward

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